We make loans to meet all of your country living, part-time and full-time farm needs. Whether it is a home in the country, a livestock unit, crops, trees or some other rural living venture, we offer many flexible loan programs to try and meet your needs. Loan terms are available from short-term up to 30 years. We have fixed and variable rate loans available. No matter what type loan you may need, the payment due dates can be arranged to meet your cash flow schedule.


We offer long-term loans to purchase or refinance real estate. These are available for country homes on small acreage, or for part-time or for full-time farmers. Whether it is crop, pasture, timber or any combination of rural land uses, we have the expertise to help you meet your goals. We can meet your financing needs to purchase or refinance small or large acreages.


Mississippi Land Bank has members of the Mississippi Forestry Association who are registered foresters on our staff. We have a special understanding of the long-term financing needs involved with purchasing, refinancing and operating timber tracts, including tracts that are used not only for timber production but also for recreational and family enjoyment. So whether you are a forestry professional, or a small-acreage tree farmer, or just want your own place in the woods for peace and enjoyment, we have the expertise and services to help you meet your goals.


We offer financing for the improvement of acreage that you may own, want to purchase or refinance. Improvements might include a home, a shed or barn, poultry houses and equipment, or something of a similar nature. Improvements might also include land forming, drainage work, or adding a pond or lake to your property.


Our loan officers are ready to provide you with equipment loans for your operation. You can upgrade or replace equipment with a Mississippi Land Bank loan. We are ready to help you find the terms and interest rates that help you accomplish your goals. Take advantage of dealer cash discounts by financing through Mississippi Land Bank.


Farm owners and operators may be eligible for annual and revolving lines of credit. These loans may be used for operating inputs and expenses such as fertilizer, seed, labor, feed, fuel, rent, taxes, insurance and day to day living expenses. This type of loan arrangement may allow you to benefit from cash discount opportunities to prepaying expenses that will enable you to take advantage of tax benefits.


Livestock loans are available to purchase livestock or refinance debt on existing livestock. Livestock loans may also be used for care and feeding of your livestock.


With a Mississippi Land Bank loan for irrigation equipment and related improvements, you can avoid crop losses during periods of dry weather, and also sustain or increase yields and profits.


Mississippi Land Bank can provide financing and refinancing for your country home. Loans can be made on qualifying small acreages as well as larger properties for the purpose of buying, remodeling or refinancing a home for your family.


We can provide loans for cars or trucks, college tuition or just about any credit need for full-time farm owners and operators.


Loans are available through Mississippi Land Bank to purchase, build, improve or refinance your agribusiness.