Mississippi Land Bank is a rural lending cooperative serving 32 counties in the northern half of the state. Everyone obtaining a loan with us purchases stock in the association that is equal to a small percentage of the loan amount. Funds for the stock can be included in the loan. The benefits of doing business with us are endless, but here are just a few.


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Stock Ownership

As a Farm Credit member-borrower, stock ownership gives you the right to participate in the business affairs of the cooperative, and to elect the board of directors or even run for board positions yourself.

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Establish policy

Members elect the board members who establish policy. This nine-member team meets several times a year to advise and govern over the business affairs of our association.

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Cash Patronage

With our unique cooperative structure, customers are eligible for a cash patronage during times of financial success. Our 2020 cash patronage was the highest ever, returning $5.4 million to our customers.

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Active voice

As member-owners, our customers—farmers, agribusiness owners, and other rural real estate owners—have an active voice in the way the organization's business operates.

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