Mississippi Land Bank is committed to meeting the needs of Young, Beginning, and Small farmers (YBS). Our years of experience in rural lending provide the expertise needed to finance many people who fit into the YBS group. By utilizing our flexible loan terms and our New Generation Loan Program, as well as working closely with other organizations and governmental agencies, we can tailor loans to fit your unique situations. In addition, we actively support other programs, events, scholarships, and educational activities that benefit YBS farmers.



Who qualifies, and what makes you eligible?

  • Young farmer- a farmer, rancher or producer or harvester of aquatic products who is age 35 or younger as of the loan transaction date.

  • Beginning farmera farmer, rancher or producer or harvester of aquatic products who has 10 years or less farming, ranching or aquatic experience as of the loan transaction date or has not assumed control of an operation for more than five years.

  • Small farmer- a farmer, rancher or producer of aquatic products who normally generates less than $250,000 in annual gross sales of agricultural or aquatic products.


What is the New Generation loan Program?

At Mississippi Land Bank, we recognize that the future of American agriculture depends on a new generation of producers. Through our New Generation Loan Program, we can provide competitive financing for young, beginning, or small farmers to the full extent of their creditworthiness. This program is designed to promote and encourage a lifelong relationship with young and beginning farmers.

To learn more about the program including funding requirements and limitations, contact your local branch.


loan purposes

  • To purchase or refinance land acquisition and/or improvements



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